What rats do you have available?

All available babies will be listed under the "Our Babies" tab, and will be marked as "Available" next to their name on our website, and will be clearly marked in individual posts on Facebook.

How much are your rats?

Each Rat up for adoption will have a price clearly marked on their profile. Prices are non-negotiable. I strive for quality health and temperament in my pet rats, and each litter is planned with that goal of improvement. Prices are generally higher than what you would expect from a pet store, and this is due to the amount of time, effort, and finances put into my lines, and/or to reflect/respect the original breeders price and work. Certain varieties such as Werewolf, Merle, and Harley will only be rehomed as Neutered Males. 

Basic varieties (Black, Agouti, Albino/PEW, etc) - $20

“Specialty” varieties (Russian Blue, Cinnamon, Burmese, Siamese, Marten, Mink, etc) - $25

Recessive Hairless - $35

Pearl/Merle - $40

Marble - $40

Harley - $60

Werewolf - $80

Rats over 6 months or retired breeders - $20-30 

The above prices are base. There is an additional fee of $5 for modifiers. (Coat type, Ear set, Certain Markings, and Eye modifiers.)

Why do you require a deposit?

Our deposit ensures that only people who are serious about adopting reserve an animal. It sucks for the animals, other adopters, and me when people reserve an animal and then disappear. The deposit also helps with the cost of food, bedding, and the costs of finding a new home should you be unable to pick them up, or change your mind. Under emergency circumstances and at my discretion, I may refund your deposit - but it is otherwise non-refundable!

Do you ship/deliver?

At this time, we do not ship. I am sometimes willing to arrange delivery for a flat mileage rate of $10 an hour. However, I often travel to Hampton Roads VA, and may be willing to meet along the way without a delivery fee if I am out that way. Contact me and we can chat about delivery options.

Can I come tour your rattery?

No, Standing Stones Rattery is a Closed Rattery. This means we do not allow members of the public inside. This is not because we have anything to hide, but to help prevent the spread of disease. There are so many illnesses that rats are susceptible to that the risk of letting in people (especially those who already own rodents) is simply too high. Entire ratteries have been wiped out because of diseases in the past and we work hard to keep our animals healthy!

Do you adopt out single rats?

No. Rats are incredibly social creatures and CANNOT be housed alone. Even if you currently have other rats, it’s easier for new animals to be introduced if they have a familiar buddy to hang out with. Rats are sold in pairs minimum. The only exception may be retired/older rats to an experienced home with other rats.

Do i need to quarantine?

Yes, all new rats coming into your home should be quarantined to the best of your abilities. Quarantine must be in a separate rat free location or share no airspace and maintain a persistent quarantine environment. No shared airspace or handling between rats. The minimum quarantine must last 3 (three) weeks. If the Adopter chooses not to provide quarantine, it is at their own risk and will make the health guarantee null and void.

What kind of cage/food/bedding should i use?

Please refer to our Care Sheet. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me!

What should I do if my rat gets sick?

I require that you have an exotic vet lined up before bringing home your new pets. If you do not have a veterinarian who treats rats, one will be provided for you. “New home sniffles” are common as rats adjust to a new environment, but if this does not clear up within 1-2 weeks, a vet visit is in order. I also require that if your rat should grow sick at any point in its life, no matter how simple, that you let me know!