~ UPDATED 5/23/20 ~

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Welcome to Standing Stones Rattery!

          Standing Stones is a home based Rattery located in Richmond, Virginia. While I have been breeding on and off for years, this official Rattery was not established until January 2019. Being an independent hobby breeder, I do not always have rats available.  I strive for quality health and temperament in my pet rats, and each litter is planned with that goal of improvement. Prices are generally higher than what you would expect from a pet store, and this is due to the amount of time, effort, and finances put into my lines. Breeding rats has never, nor will ever, be about making money! I pride myself on improving my animals, but believe there is always room for improvement! I encourage my adopters to stay in touch with me throughout their rats lives, and will always be there for anyone who has questions about their rats - Whether they were adopted from Standing Stones or elsewhere! 



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